Photo Album

The father of the litter: Cherokee Lietuvos Liutas

Cherokee Lietuvos Liutas

Our Chow bitch black rough.

Our beauty bitch

Elly with her one day old puppies

Elly checks her puppies after the milk bar.

Drinking milk is all what they want at this time of live.

Second day of the puppies, we have to sign them as they look all alike.

Sweety our only short hair bitch, the smaller one and a clever mouse.

Bond a smoth male, he has a calm temperament.

Longhair male Bond

Langhaar Rüde

Langhaar Rüde Bond

Langhaar Rüde Bond

Lonhair boy Bond

Longhair male Bond

Longhair male Bowie

Langhaar Rüde Bowie

Langhaar rüde Bowie

Shorthair bitch Bess booked

Longhair male Bowie

Rüde langhaarig Bowie

Hündin langhaarig Brooke

Hündin langhaarig Broke

Hündin langhaarig Brenda booked

Hündin langhaarig Brenda reserviert

Hündin langhaarig Belinda

Hündin langhaarig Belinda

Hündin langhaarig Becky

The partners of the Chow Chow litter at Brizani  2017.